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– Disease of the Upper Back.


An incision is made in the back over the area of curvature (usually the upper back), these curves are from front to back C-shaped—in the sagittal plane. The curves are typically progressing maybe rigid. The surgery is performed by a spine surgeon that is specialized in Kyphosis-Scoliosis Correction Surgery.

Kyphosis correction involves a surgical procedure to delicately straighten the curve typically in the upper back or thoracic spine, preserve or increase space for the spinal cord, and stabilize the correction with instrumentation (rods and screws, sometimes hooks). Surgical incision is made in the back (length of the incision depends on how many vertebral levels are address in the correction), and dissection is made of the posterior vertebrae of the levels being corrected. The bony surfaces are prepared for bone graft. Rods are straight or sometimes bent to the desired profile. Screws are placed through pedicles to vertebral body bones to anchor the rods which are then connected to the screws. Bone graft is placed in the bony gutters around the instrumentation to induce bony healing of the graft to the native bone which fuses the spine. After the fusion heals, the solid bone maintains the straight positioning and posture.

This procedure is performed where the patient stays in the hospital for up to a week.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Kropf is a very knowledgeable and experienced surgeon. He is just as straight forward and honest as I remember him from 19 years ago. He did an amazing job with my back then, that I flew across the country to discuss the second surgery with him!”
"This man gave me my life back! I wouldn't be working today with him as a spine nurse ! I had a cervical fusion & artificial disc replacement for my lower back ! He's caring & compassionate & so is his staff ! He saved my husbands life also by ordering the right tests & got him to another specialist , I feel so blessed to have him! "

-Anastacia H

"I had a Cervical Spine Surgery February 2017 and Lumbar Spine Surgery November 2017. Both Surgeries were a Success. I feel so much better....No More Pain! Thank You, Dr. Kropf... You're the BEST!"

-Martha B

"Dr. Kropf is literally a miracle worker. I have suffered with horrible pain for years from herniation at L4/5 & L5/S1. Had a prior micro-surgery from another surgeon which did not work. Dr. Kropf performed a double fusion through the stomach and back. Had my 7 month follow up yesterday and got a clean bill of health. Honestly, after about 5 months I was totally pain free. He completely nailed it!!! I also just referred one of my good friends who also feel in love with Dr.Kropf. I had interviewed 7 surgeons with my wife and we both agreed that there was no one better to do my surgery. This was not a fun thing to go through, but so worth it. Katie, Sakura, and Trisha also were awesome to deal with and super responsive."

-Lee E

"First off, I believe Dr. Kropf helped save my life! It's been 6 months since I had my surgery and my spine has fused successfully! Dr. Kropf and his amazing staff treated me like a human being instead of just a patient! The support and encouragement they gave me throughout the few years I have been going is incomparable! Thank you to all those who helped me during my recovery, especially Sakura, and Trisha! You are all Angels on Earth! God Bless you!"

-Stefifi A