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Testimonial from Ryon Lane

Dr. Michael Kropf is the reason that I can walk, run, hug loved ones and live a normal life today. Before he operated on the C4 vertebra I shattered in a diving accident in 2008, Dr. Kropf’s compassion and sincerity were instantly noticeable and extremely reassuring. Two years after his amazing surgical work on my neck, I was able to run my first marathon. I feel unbelievably lucky to have found as gifted a surgeon as Dr. Kropf when I needed him most, and I give the highest recommendation for his work.

by Ryon Lane

Rob Haines’ patient testimonial

Living with achondroplasia dwarfism, spinal stenosis has always been a part of my life.

Before my surgery I had difficulties walking and even standing for short amounts of time. After surgery I immediately got back on my feet and today I have full mobility with no side effects. Although I live 400 miles from his office, Dr Kropf and his staff stayed in constant contact throughout my recovery, ensuring my physical therapy was adequate and my recovery process was on schedule.

In the operating room, Dr Kropf could be considered a genius. He’s patient and meticulous and he doesn’t give up until his patient is back on their feet. His associates hold him the highest regard and all his patients simple adore his warm and positive outlook.

If the day comes that I start to have back problems again, Dr Kropf will be my first phone call. In the mean time I’ll continue to be his biggest advocate.

by Robert Haines, Napa, CA

Patient testimonial from Tanyalee Davis

I have diastrophic dysplasia, a form of dwarfism. Dr Kropf performed a laminectomy on my back in June of 2008, from base of my neck to the tip of my bottom, with great success. The two surgeries were done one week apart, and the first surgery was filmed by a British documentary TV crew. Dr Kropf participated in the filming and his professionalism shone through, which made the show extremely informative. When the stenosis in my neck gets to the point where I have to get surgery Dr Michael Kropf is my doctor. His staff is also fabulous!

Eternally grateful,

by Tanyalee Davis

Patient testimonial from Mary Ve Sota

My name is Mary, I’m 62 yrs of age, that had terrible back pain consistintly throughout my life. When I was alittle girl I would climb into my fathers lap and have him rub my back every day. Dad took me to a couple of doctors but the only answers I got was I was having growing pains and I would be a very tall girl. I continued to have pain throughout the years but the pain was getting worse, my pain level on a average day was 8 – 10 and I was also developing more problems slip discs’ ,hernia discs’, pinch nerves’ pertaining to the Cervica, Lumbar, and Sacrum of my Spine. Then one day both of my arms went paralyzed at that time I was medicating myself with 1,800 mg of Acetaminophen every 6 – 8 hours.

In 1996 I almost gave up looking for a doctor till my friends parents referred me to a Spinal Doctor, Dr. Michael Kropf. Dr. Kropf took me on as a patient he diagnoised me with Scheuermann’s Disease he explain my situation what needs to be done, what will or can happen and what to expect. I felt confident and trusted Dr. Kropf because he explain and understood what I had been suffering my whole life.

Dr. Kropf prescribed physical therapy but that caused more pain, other procedures were done, then multiple surgeries which were successful. Thanks to Dr. Kropf and the Great Staff he has I can sit up, walk, cook and sew. Dr. Kropf believed in me that I can do my part and I knew he is the Best Surgeon in the world I trusted Dr. Kropf immensely. I am very Greatful to Dr. Kropf for giving me back my life. I am limited in some activities but my pain level on a bad day is 3 -5. Very seldom do I take a prescription drug but I do smoke or eat Marijuana cookies . Thank You Dr. Michael Kropf.

by Mary Ve Sota

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